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2016 – 2017   Snow Plowing Contract




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These are the general guidelines for our snow removal contracts.  Each customer and property is different and as such may require modifications to the items listed below.  These potential modifications must be made in writing, outlined below and attached to this contract.  All pages must be signed by both the customer or an authorized representative and the owner of Labelle Snow Plowing.

All forms and contracts can only be signed by authorized persons

All contract pages must be signed, dated and returned prior to any work being done

Inches of snow that are are billed per storm and are determined by the National Weather Service Boston (NOAA)

Seasonal customers that pay in full do not have to worry about the amount of storms or inches.

Labelle is not liable for an injuries or damage resulting from steps, curbing, walkways or exit ways that are icy, snow covered or slippery.

When the snow banks get too high in your parking areas or the drifts become too deep to plow them back when there are many storms, it becomes necessary to remove the snow from your property and dispose of it.  Loader work and snow disposal are additional costs and billed separately from our quoted plowing rates.  Rates below include both equipment and operator.

Bobcat Loader $85.00 / hr.

15 yard Dumpster to Haul Away Snow $350.00 / hr.

Thirty (30) business day cancellation notice required

Payments are due on all invoices when they are received

Any customer concerns regarding billing or snow fall totals must be done within 10 business days of billing.

Labelle reserves the right to apply as necessary, any salt, sand or calcium to parking lots, roadways and walkways as needed to maintain the safety of vehicles and pedestrians and will be billed per contract rate accordingly.

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